monkey (pronounced 'mon-kay') went on a road trip from brisbane to cairns in two weeks in a small camper van during the first weeks of january 2008... it was wet season, so the amount of rain was quite incredible, the cane toads were out in force and the heat was often just too much to drive during the day... but the journey was unforgettable

monkey is waiting impatiently for woodford folk festival... it's only the first day on the road and already he's got cabin fever couped up in the camper van between downpours of tropical rain. the festival becomes nicknamed 'mudford' this year, but monkey doesn't realize that until tomorrow..and it's too late then

no one gets this vegemite without asking monkey first

monkey is unsure about the food offered. simple is sometimes good, but you have to smell it before you try

ahhhh, monkey made it to rockhampton, the botanical gardens are always the first stop

ok, so this is the furthest north that anyone in the van has been so far

cairns is really only a short walk from here...well, considering how many thousands of kms it's been to drive this far...monkey is pretty happy to see the atherton falls...time for a swim?

monkey was crazy about this curtain fig, it was so spectaular the camera just couldn't capture enough...but monkey did waste a lot of memory card space on it anyway

there was a lot of beach weather, the last evening with the van was spent just north of cairns. monkey refused to swim though, too scared of all those stingers waiting dangerously in the water